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Holy amazeballs, y’all.  I’m so freaking excited to announce that I am a speaker at Senior Style Guide’s first conference, The Push Conference in Greencastle, Indiana. If you are a senior portrait photographer, you are NOT going to want to miss this incredible event.  This two day conference runs July 14-15, 2015, and I’ll be speaking alongside some of the industry’s leading senior portrait photographers – Amanda Holloway, Jen Basford, Latasha Haynes, Craig Stidham, Brooke Daniels, Christina Ramirez, and Jim Meyer!


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Vickie Black of Senior Style Guide spent 10 months (TEN MONTHS!!!!) working on this idea before finally announcing it.  She wanted to create an event for photographers unlike any other. According to Vickie, “Push was created with the vision of  a small, boutique conference that allowed frequent interaction with the speakers. I wanted to create an environment that would not only teach you about your business, but one that would push you out of your comfort zone. Better yet I want you to go home and push your business to the next level!”

Vickie asked me to come on board to teach studio lighting, and I jumped at the chance. This is an area of photography that I absolutely love, but I know that a lot of photographers avoid learning it because it seems intimidating. Therefore, I wanted to create a course that would allow photographers the chance to overcome their fears by learning the fundamentals and then applying what they learned at a hands on shoot where I’ll be available to answers questions. Here’s the rundown on the class I’ll be teaching:


You’ve told yourself every single excuse in the book, “I’m a natural light photographer,” “I don’t need to learn lighting,” and, “Studio lighting for seniors means I have to have a giant foam number and a ladder on a white backdrop.” The truth is none of those reasons is the REAL reason you haven’t learned lighting. The real reason is you’re scared. But now is the time to break up with your excuses, never return their phone calls, and go get a sexy, new haircut. And by sexy, new haircut I mean take a kick ass lighting course.

I understand the thought of learning studio lighting can be both overwhelming and intimidating. But, I’m going to walk you through the fundamentals and break them down into digestible nuggets that will leave you saying, “OMG! I can do that!” I’ll teach you about lighting styles and light modifiers, and then show you how to use them to create high-end images on a low-end budget in a space the size of an apartment bedroom. (No, seriously. I shot in a bedroom in my apartment for a year.)

Through this course, you will become a more versatile photographer who will master both 1 and 2 light set ups like a boss, sucker punch the objections holding you back, and learn to mold light to the vision in your head.  By adding studio skills to your natural light repertoire, you will transform yourself into a lighting badass who can provide a more robust, creative experience for your clients. I’ll teach you the rules then encourage you to break them.  This is studio lighting, no holds barred.


At this conference, you’re going to get:

* 8 amazing speakers
* 2 Evening portfolio building shoots
* Giveaways & swag bags from our sponsors
*2 Days of intimate classroom instruction
*Small attendee to speaker ratio
*Special hotel pricing for attendees

DATES: July 14-15, 2015

LOCATION: The Inn at Depauw, Greencastle, Indiana

COST: $1300


Registration is open now, and you can sign up by clicking the button below.  There are ONLY 50 SPOTS, so DO NOT miss out!  CLICK THIS BUTTON NOW! REGISTRATION IS LIVE!!!!

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